One of the most televised and popular card games around the world, playing Poker online has undoubtedly caught up with other betting games in terms of its popularity. The sport offers world tours and leagues in the form of the world series of poker, European poker tournaments, and the stairway to millions tournament, which offers rookies, amateurs, and professionals an equal chance of becoming the champions and earning millions of dollars in this process.

Playing Poker online is not entirely based on luck. In reality, it is one of the most sought-after and strategic card games that exist. Do you agree? No, then ask one of the 100 million online poker players how minute is the role of luck in their success. Poker pc download also exists in various forms, with the most popular and basic one being the “texas – no – limit hold em.” Texas poker requires players to use the two cards that are dealt with them, along with 5 cards on the board, to make the best possible 5 card combination (also known on the table as the “hand”).

The cards on the table are dealt out in 3 streets – the flop (which consists of 3 cards), the turn, and the river. Each street is followed by a betting round, where players bet based on the strength of their hands. There is also an additional betting round that is done at the starting of the hand (pre-flop). The bets are made by the usage of poker chips, which are given to each individual based on the amount of money that they buy-in for. The positioning also plays an important role in playing Poker online.

The small blind individual and the big blind individuals decide the positioning for the rest of the players on the table. The small blind is the individual placed on the left of the dealer, while the big blind is the player sitting on the left of the small blind individual. The big blind usually is the last player to act during the pre-flop betting stage.

Poker winning hands  – 

Although conventional poker tables do offer a hand breakdown (along with guides available online), the basic hierarchy of Poker winning hands that an individual can make in Texas poker is as follow –

  • Royal flush  – The royal flush is when the individual makes a 5 card suited hand, consisting of the 10, jack, queen, king, and the ace. This sequence is also popularly known as the “broadway” hand in the poker world. The chances of an individual getting a royal flush is almost 1 in 2.5 million hands and thus is the rarest Poker-winning hand to make. It is also sometimes referred to as the best straight flush, as it consists of a straight sequence and a suited flush in the same hand. This hand is unbeatable in Texas poker.
  • Straight flush – A straight flush is a combination of 5 cards in a sequential rank and is also of the same color or “suit.” For example – having the six hearts, 2 of hearts, 3 of hearts, 4 of hearts, and the 5 of hearts (six high straight flush). It is ranked above the 4 of a kind and can only be beaten by the royal flush.
  • Four of a kind – This casino poker hand is exactly as it sounds, holding 4 cards of the same cardinal value. Each poker deck consists of 4 cards of the same value but different suits. When you have all of them, you say that you have a 4 of a kind or “quads.”
  • Full-house – The full house is one of Poker’s trickiest hands to understand. It consists of 3 cards of the same kind, followed by 2 cards of the same kind. It is also easier understood as a combination of the three of a kind and the one pair hands. For example: holding a 3 of hearts, 3 of spades, king of diamonds, king of spades, and the king of clubs. This would be known as having the “kings full of 3”. The full house is ranked about the flush and below the four of a kind in the poker hierarchy.
  • Flush – A “flush” is when an individual holds any 5 cards of the same suit. The flush is an extremely powerful hand to hold in Poker and is ranked above the straight hand and below the full-house in Texas poker.
  • Straight – A straight is when an individual holds any 5 cards that are in a specific sequential rank. The best possible straight to have (or the “nut straight” is the 10, jack, queen, king, and ace and is also popularly referred to as the broadway straight.
  • Three of a kind – Similarly to the four of a kind or “quads,” the three of a kind is when you hold 3 cards of the same value. It’s ranked above the two-pair and below the straight in Texas poker.
  • Two pair – The two pair hand combination consists of 2 cards of the same rank, 2 cards of another value (rank), and the third card of a completely different rank (also known as the kicker). It is the third lowest casino poker hand to hold, above the one-pair hand combinations and high-card high combinations.
  • Similarly, the one-pair hand combination consists of 2 cards of one rank and then three other cards of different values. It is ranked below the two-pair hand combination and above the high-card hand combination.
  • High-card – Having a high-card is when an individual holds 5 different cards of different suits, which are not in sequential order. This is the worst poker hand combination to have but can sometimes be used to catch the opponent’s bluffs.

Playing Poker is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a lot of thinking and strategy building. However, if understood well, it is also an extremely fun card – game with events taking place worldwide. So what are you thinking about? Put your best poker face on & hop onto one of the several million online platforms available to play your first poker hand.