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Learn How to Play Live Rummy Card Games Online

Don’t know how to play rummy cards or other live card games online at FairPlay? We’ve got your back! Simply follow these steps:

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  2. Complete the registration process
  3. Once you become a FairPlay Club member, deposit cash
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Try Your Luck with Our Most Popular Card Games

Itching to win some real money and have a blast? Well, save your best cards for some of FairPlay’s most amazing 2-player card games and more online.

Big Winnings Online Casino Games

3 Patti – The most popular casino betting game in India – now online! Make the best 3-card hand combination against the dealer and your opponents – whether it’s Sequence, Colour, Three of a Kind, or more – and win the pot.

Poker – Put your poker face on and bamboozle your opponents and the dealer online by betting like a pro and taking home the pot. The best 5-card hand combination – or the best bluff – wins!

Andar Bahar – Have you played online Andar Bahar before? It’s simple, thrilling and a huge opportunity to win real cash! Place a bet using the slider and click on where you think the Joker card will appear – Andar or Bahar!

Easy Cash Online Casino Games

7 Up 7 Down – Can you predict whether two rolled dice will total either 7, less than 7 or more than 7? Place your lucky bet and see where the roll takes you!

Live 32 Cards Casino – Enjoy fast-paced casino games of luck and lottery? Check out the FairPlay live 32 Cards game where you have to simply predict which out of four hands will have the highest score!

Dragon Tiger – To win, simply bet on whether the next card will be higher, lower or equal to the Dragon card on the online casino table. Or bet on other positions and make it a big payday!

Amar Akbar Anthony – If you are into eight-card deck games, then Amar Akbar Anthony is the right game for you. Bet on several positions, predict the winning cards, and enjoy!

Worli Matka – Feeling like it’s your lucky day? Worli Matka is one of the oldest online casino games to earn cash. Choose from multiple betting positions and have fun with insane payouts if the dealer draws your lucky combination of cards!

Seep Card Games – Capture cards of the highest points, win baazis in partnerships with other players, and earn some real cash!

Play Fair, Play Secure

Experience authentic gambling and sports betting sessions online with FairPlay’s secure and responsible deposit and withdrawal policy. Our gaming partners are authorised and licensed to provide you with a fraud-free, completely safe online casino experience.

Online Casino and More

With online casino games becoming a big part of India these days, why stop the fun at just card games? FairPlay offers you some of the most comprehensive online sports betting opportunities with competitive odds and lucrative payouts.

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