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Teen Patti

Teen Patti online has gained popularity not just because it is an interesting game but because 3 card poker is very easy to learn. One can play the Teen Patti online game similar to the offline game. Below are some of the simple rules of the game. Read on to understand how you can play the Teen Patti, and variants like Teen Patti Gold, at FairPlay.

3 Card Poker Rules

  • To begin, the player puts an ante stake and/or a pair plus stake, wagering that they will have a pair or better hand.
  • The Teen Patti or the 3 cards are dealt with, facing downwards. The player on board at this stage is just you. You directly deal with the dealer and no other player at the table at that moment.
  • Next up is the player’s maneuver. Looking at his cards, the player figures out what hand ranking he has received. The player now decides whether he will place the next play wager. Here, the play wager shall be equivalent to the Ante wager to battle the dealer’s hand. According to the optimal strategy, one should play all hands with Queen or better and fold all hands with Jack or worse.
  • This is the deciding step for the next move. Now, if the player folds, the hand turns off. This indicates that the dealer must collect the ante wager and the pair plus wager. In another case, if the player puts in the play wager, cards are turned over. Again, this move will determine if the player has a better hand than the dealer or not.
  • If the dealer has got a hold of jack high or worse, the play wager shall be returned. But, if the dealer has Queen or better, there is a different story. In that case, if the player is stronger, he is paid the play and ante wager.
  • In the opposite case, the tables will turn if the dealer is on the stronger side. They collect the play and ante wager. No matter the dealer’s hand, the dealer will decide the pair plus bet.

How to Play Three Card Poker and Win

Love the traditional three-card poker card games but can’t find the right winning strategy? Well, FairPlay Club has got you covered. Not only do we offer a wide range of amazing and interesting online card games but also help online players build up their gameplay and winnings by teaching strategy.

Let us now throw some light on how to win the show at Three Card Poker, or Teen Patti as it is fondly called, and be the king or queen of the night.

Recapping the fundamentals

Starting from the fundamentals, you know that the Teen Patti online game is fun and comprehensible. You deal with 3 cards and get ahead in the Teen Patti real cash. You begin by placing an Ante wager. Then, before you know about the dealer’s hand, you either surrender or make an ante bet. Or you throw a play bet which is equivalent to the ante bet. Of course, you will win both the best if you win the game.

Now getting on to answer how to play three card poker and win, we have the following list of strategies for you:

The basics

One of the fundamental strategies is to bet when you have Queen 6-4 or better. At this point, the top card you have is Ace or King. The value of the other two cards does not make any major difference.

  • If you have a Queen-7 or better, you may bet regardless of the third card.
  • Another major strategy is to fold your hand if your hand is not as strong as mentioned above. If your top card is Jack or below, no matter how high your other two cards are, fold it!
  • In case you’re aware of any of the dealer’s cards, play with the following strategies:
    • If the dealer’s card is a Jack or below, it is best to throw on a play bet at them. This increases the dealer’s odds of not qualifying or being lower than you.
    • Queen- your second card has to be better, so play only with Q, 9, 2, or better.
    • King- K, 9, 2, or better are your saviors here for the same logic. You’ll need at least the same high card as the dealer and a stronger second card with a value higher than the average.
    • Ace- calls for an ace, 9, 2, or better.

The bonus bet

The good news for the Teen Patti online game players is that you can earn a lot through the bonus bet. This can increase up to 1,000 times your bet because of the bonus wager.

  • The Pair Plus bonus is calculated using the three cards you currently have in your hand. The Pair Plus additional wager is won if you are dealt a pair or better in your three cards. What you win is determined by the sort of hand you are dealt.
  • For a 6-card bonus, 3 cards of dealer and 3 of the players should be considered. After combining the six cards, you win the 6-card bonus wager if you can build a poker hand of three of a kind or better. The amount you win is determined on the poker hand you can construct with the six cards.

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