Bet on Tennis Online with Ease on Fairplay 

Indians love betting on cricket and football; however, their love for tennis has always been there. Indian tennis player Sania Mirza enjoys a massive fan following, and the same goes for international champions Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic who have admirers all over the country. Yes, tennis betting is not as popular as cricket or football betting, but it is enjoyed with enthusiasm. Tennis betting has its charm and a separate fan base in India. Players off the field love to play on their favorite tennis betting site.

But before getting into any further details, we would reiterate that tennis betting is fairly legal in India. This is because there are no laws against online tennis betting in India. The laws are ambiguous about online betting, and they do not seem to bar it to date. The only thing you should take care of is that the site you choose should be a licensed one. Betting through an illegal website can be a risky affair, and your information can be compromised.

Tennis betting is preferred in India because of a lot of reasons. Tennis is an intriguing game, and there are a lot of tournaments associated with it. There are more than 100 ATP and WTA tennis tournaments; this is enough to keep the punters glued to the game. And if that sounds like too much tennis, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from these, Challengers events, the Futures, and the ITF competitions bring ample opportunities to make your call. Tennis is one of the most played games throughout the year when we talk about tournaments. There’s likely to be an ongoing tennis tournament while you are reading this article.

Tennis is similar to cricket in some ways when it comes to betting. Every ball counts, the game can change at any instant, and it’s not over till the last shot. This similarity with cricket is one of the reasons why tennis enjoys impressive popularity in India. Anything related to cricket is always welcomed in this country. Also, tennis provides a changing landscape to a country that focuses largely on cricket and football. This is why tennis betting is rising in popularity, and the game is receiving such good reception. Point to point action keeps the fans ever-intrigued.

Tennis Betting Tips & Odds

There are two main hacks when it comes to tennis betting in India:

  • Picking the right playing field: Deciding a good betting site and knowing the right tournaments 

You need a favorable playing field to play any sport that supports it. The same goes for betting; you need to know the right website to make your wager. This is the most crucial part when it comes to successful tennis bets. The tennis betting site should be user-friendly, licensed, and secure.

Next comes picking the right leagues to play your tennis wagers. A primary focus in India is on Grand Slams, ATP Finals, and the Masters because these are most betting-friendly. However, the ATP 500 and 250, WTA Internationals, and other big stage tournaments also offer good opportunities.

  •  Follow every trending tennis news, know the players and the current form.

Having entered the tennis betting arena, the thing that creates a difference is your prior knowledge of tennis. Having an insight into profitable tournaments, concerned player performances, and a seasonal track record can help you a lot. Knowing individual stats and figures can increase your winning chances in the wager. Tennis betting is more than a game of luck; there is a lot of intelligence involved. You can follow tennis channels, either on TV or their pages on social media. You can watch some live matches of the players and note the performance court-wise. These moves may appear small, but they have a decisive impact on your performance.

Tennis Predictions

Good betting boils down to following tennis predictions and working accordingly. Knowing the predictions allows one to strategize and take calculated risks. There are a lot of resources available over the internet to get you pre-match and post-match analysis. These are the elements that go on to make a tennis prediction. Predictions work on some basics, like imagining a scenario. Tennis player D has remained unbeaten on grass courts. D has a match against A, who is a decent player but not the same on grass courts. So if D plays A at the grass-court, D has a greater chance to win. Thus, the tennis predictions push D as the favorite here.

At FairPlay, every prediction made goes through a lot of research. Our predictions are based on ever-evolving parameters. We take into account every possible factor in the game. We make sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to getting you the most expected outcomes of a tennis game. Our interface is tailored to suit your needs, and we are a credibly licensed website. Alongside rewards, cashback, and bonuses, the odds offered are irresistible. And there’s always a 100% deposit bonus if you are our new guest. We do everything to make your tennis betting experience memorable. Streaming, live updates, a dedicated page for tennis on our sportsbook, there’s nothing FairPlay does not offer. We have been consistent with our motto that says, “Great odds, Greater winning.” A never-ending saga of players who leave behind nothing but compliments is a testament to it.